Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Maybe Regift?

I’m not sure which is the shittier gift from Canada to America: Justin Bieber or Ted Cruz? Sorry America but they’re your headache now. Maybe you could regift them to Putin or Kim Jong Un.

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  1. Perhaps we can just leave them at the nearest boarder crossing, ring the bell and run. Seriously though. I’m laughing so much I’m crying, but that could just be over the fool who announced his Presidential bid more than a year and a half before the freaking elections. I can hear my phone ringing already…

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  2. Geez, thanks for the gifts. Isn’t there some kind of return policy, though? I’ve wondered aloud why Justin Bieber hasn’t been deported.

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  3. YOU?!?!! WTF? YOU? I should have known…

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  4. I’m quite neither Putin nor Kim John Un want Bieber or Cruz. I don’t know much about Cruz, but I feel like Bieber is a disgrace to humanity.


  5. Ha. Funny. But Ted Cruz is about as likely to be President as I am. He irritates EVERYONE.

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  6. Thanks a lot Canada! I’m reblogging this post if I can figure out how to do it.

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  7. Reblogged this on JT Twissel and commented:
    Just had to… thanks so much Canada!


  8. I have this feeling that these will be the kind of gifts that will keep right on giving for years to come. Thanks. A lot.

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  9. My husband thought I was lying when I told him about Cruz announcing that he’s running. “Wait, isn’t he one of the guys wanting to see Obama’s birth certificate to verify that he was born here?”

    Now if only Sarah Palin and Rand Paul will announce. Most entertaining GOP primary in the history of the worlds.

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  10. In your defense, he’s not even Canadian, but the unholy hybrid of an American and Cuban who just SPAWNED in Canada. We don’t blame you. We blame Satan.

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  11. I’d take Bieber over Cruz any time. At least Bieber isn’t trying to be my president.

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  12. I’m think regifting Bieber and giving him to Cruz might be fitting. Cruz would need his Obamacare.

    BTW, I’ve heard all that stuff about having one US citizen as a parent being good enough, but I still want to see his birth certificate. If you don’t believe Hawaii, why would you believe Canada.

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