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Derek: Ricky Gervais’ Theatre of Cruelty

It is with disappointment that I heard that the original Netflix production Derek is starting its second season. The show is written and produced by Ricky Gervais, a man I have, up this point, found to be funny. This show is a huge misstep. Derek is a caretaker of sorts in a senior citizens’ home. At no time is it overtly presented that Derek is developmentally delayed, but he obviously is, and embodies all […]

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True Tori: Performance Art or Train Wreck?

So Tuesday my wife and I were feeling adventurous in the realm of TV land and we decided to watch a bit of Lifetime Network. It rarely disappoints, and Tuesday was no exception. True Tori is a reality show starring bobble-headed Tori Spelling and her favourite whipping boy and husband, Dean McDermott. I know, I know, this is garbage, but sometimes, instead of a salad, I want a McDonalds, and taken in moderation neither will […]

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Godzilla: Fertility Rites Among Monsters

First off I want to say that this is a movie that should be viewed in a theatre, in 3D, to really appreciate the magnitude of destruction and the scale of the ancient beings attempting to start a family in an urban centre. We saw the movie with a friend who had never watched a movie in 3D, so I was very glad to see that the technology was used to great effect, […]

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Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful. More like Penny Awesome. Oh my, that’s clever. It would appear cable television (in this case Showtime) has once again come up with a series that smacks of quality and authenticity. The show takes place in Victorian London and features a cast of characters who meddle in the forces of the unseen, monsters under the bed, and the mysteries of the world that science has not yet been able […]

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Must. Stop. Stuffing. Face.

Due to some recent health issues, my wife and I have been thinking about what we eat. You may be thinking, well duh, of course you should be thinking about what you eat. What are you? A goat? (I’ve heard that a goat will eat coins and a tin can but I was only nine when I heard this so that may not be a scientific fact). I am specifically […]

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Time Out for Rob Ford

I’m not sure at what point the reaction to Rob Ford’s behaviour passes shocked titillation and becomes angry/saddened outrage. The latest episode in the locomotive of buffoonery that is the Rob Ford re-election campaign is that yet another video has surfaced, showing the Mayor smoking crack in his sister’s basement. Wow, this is some sibling. Most sisters would ask you to watch their kids, lend them money, and be nice […]

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