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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

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The Bailey Chronicles Part 2: Hustle and Flow

The Bailey Chronicles Part 1: Like a Boss Part of our weekend ritual for many years was going to the mall. Bailey loves movies, and loves to watch them in the theatre. His favourite genre is horror–the scarier and more graphic, the better. We’d go to the food court for lunch, then head to the theatre. When I first started working with Bailey, he was much more independent than he is now. We’d settle […]

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Election Promises and Big Fat Lies

I will continue my series on Bailey on Wednesday. I thought I’d post this today, though, as it’s timely and, well, I just felt like America needed a bit of hand and some encouragement. Well, America, you gone and done it. You’ve just put Donald Trump one step away from the White House. I’d first like to thank you. Every election cycle, you bring the crazy and become the scariest, most hilarious, jaw-dropping […]

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