Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.


Election Promises and Big Fat Lies

I will continue my series on Bailey on Wednesday. I thought I’d post this today, though, as it’s timely and, well, I just felt like America needed a bit of hand and some encouragement. Well, America, you gone and done it. You’ve just put Donald Trump one step away from the White House. I’d first like to thank you. Every election cycle, you bring the crazy and become the scariest, most hilarious, jaw-dropping […]

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Like a Boss

This is a picture of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984, and was the father of our newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. I love this picture because it goes against the more conventional view of a Canadian. Not all of us are reserved and understated. Some of us have a bit of swagger.

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Kids With Cancer Are Useless

Okay, so before everyone has a kitten, let me explain. I am using some of that brand spanking new logic rolled out this past week by Donald Trump. According to Trump, John McCain is not to be commended for his war record because he spent five and a half years being held prisoner and enduring torture. The real hero is the man who never went to Vietnam (this would be The […]

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Kim Jong-un is a Tubby Tyrant

Possibly the world’s fattest and ugliest dictator, Kim Jong-un is suffering from gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Why? He eats copious amounts of cheese, chain smokes, and drinks himself into a state of being a literal “drunken lord.” And he does all this while people in his country starve. It is astounding to me that this can happen in the modern world. That North Korea can exist in this […]

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ISIS and Canada’s Embarrassing Response

I think we can all agree that ISIS is without doubt an evil, vile, and terrifying organization that has committed atrocities from mass executions of religious minorities to the beheading of Western aid workers. The oilfields they have captured, coupled with the American military hardware procured from surrendering Iraqi and Syrian troops, has made ISIS well funded and well equipped. The core of their belief is simple enough: believe what we tell you […]

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It’s Good to Be Queen

I normally don’t write about politics, specifically local politics, as many of the people who read this blog don’t live in my neighbourhood, and for the most part local politics is not exactly the most stimulating topic. But due to the rather silly and sad conduct of the former premier of Alberta, Alison Redford, I thought I’d post a little blurb on the latest (and hopefully the last) chapter of this saga. Alison Redford was the premier […]

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