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Temporary Foreign Workers: A Tale of Two Countries

In many ways Alberta is a land of plenty, with a strong economy, a decent standard of living, and jobs, jobs, jobs. In fact, when oil prices are high or demand is increased, the Alberta oil sands increase production and expand their operations. This has an effect on the work force in Alberta in that we often end up with far more jobs than there are people to fill them. […]

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Personification: Game of Thrones

I’m glad you are back on television as I have given up on you in the written word. You keep introducing me to your new friends when I can’t even keep track of your old ones. You are not really as focused as I’d like you to be. And, no, I don’t want you to go on medication as this would probably make you less violent. And nobody wants that.

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It’s Too Damn Hot

So it seems my complaining about the cold has been heard, and then some, by the gods, and now they have seen fit to teach me a lesson. The temperature here in frozen Edmonton has finally turned a corner and we have some glorious temps of +10 and sunshine. This is good. But the heat in our building is on full blast. And by our building I mean our two-bedroom […]

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The Relics of St. Thomas

Catholic School Mobile My first school was St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary School. In every classroom there hung:           a map of the world colored mostly in pink which designated the countries of the Commonwealth.           a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Commonwealth           a cross with a mostly naked Jesus hanging limply and dying for bad little boys           a portrait of “zombie” Jesus beatifically staring right […]

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My Last Nerve

I am tired of the wind. The snow. Wearing a coat. Icey sidewalks. And the cold. If the weather doesn’t warm up this weekend I will go to a park, a frozen park, and set myself on fire in protest like one of those Tibeten monks. Or I will punch myself in the cock until I pass out and hopefully not wake up until it is summer. I can’t really […]

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