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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Pop Culture

Digging a Hole

Remember her? That’s Petra Laszlo, the 40-year-old Hungarian camerawoman who was captured on video kicking a 10-year-old Syrian refugee and tripping a Syrian father who had a child in his arms. Well, now she’s suing Facebook and the man she tripped. Why? you might ask. According to Laszlo, “Facebook played a major role in my situation.” There’s a Facebook group titled the “Petra Laszlo Shame Wall” that has about 10 000 […]

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An Old-Timey Treasure Chest

    From 1935-1944 the Roosevelt administration took on the largest photography project ever sponsored by the government. The idea behind the project was to provide evidence of success in New Deal initiatives, and then the project was carried on into World War II. The project amassed some 170 000 photographs which have recently been released to the public. You can see the photos on the website Photogrammar; and if […]

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Josh Duggar is Making Jesus Cry

Josh Duggar is turning out to be a hound dog of monumental proportions. He has two accounts on the Ashley Madison web site. A web site that facilitates individuals who are seeking to have extra marital affairs and he says that, yes, he has had an affair. With a woman. A woman that was not his wife. Or his sister. And he’s admitting to being addicted to internet porn. You’re […]

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Apology Fail

In some ways I live a mildly sheltered life. I work and live in a community where people are decent and kind to each other. Respect is given and received. So I’m shocked when I see and hear something that’s this ugly and cruel. Britt McHenry is a “reporter” for ESPN. She had her car towed. In the big wide world, this is a minor inconvenience. But upon retrieving her […]

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Leonard Nimoy and the Bangles

I think one of the roles I will most remember Leonard Nimoy for (aside from the usual suspects) is his appearance in the Bangles video “Going Down to Liverpool.” He played the chauffeur, driving the ladies around and giving quizzical looks in the rearview mirror as the band sang in the back seat. This is the only Bangles song and video that I’ve ever liked, and the memory of Leonard […]

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Robin Williams, Palestinians, and Proximity

How can anyone possibly spend any time and attention fretting over the death of Robin Williams while children are dying in Palestine? We hear this kind of indictment every time a celebrity dies when children somewhere in the world are suffering and dying. And to a certain extent I understand the reasoning behind the question; everyone understands that the suffering of children should be more important, or at least occupy more space in the collective culture, than the life […]

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