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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

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Josh Duggar is Making Jesus Cry

Josh Duggar is turning out to be a hound dog of monumental proportions. He has two accounts on the Ashley Madison web site. A web site that facilitates individuals who are seeking to have extra marital affairs and he says that, yes, he has had an affair. With a woman. A woman that was not his wife. Or his sister. And he’s admitting to being addicted to internet porn. You’re […]

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It’s A Boy!

So this past Wednesday I had a sebaceous cyst removed from the middle of my back. I’d had this thing, this squatter fetus which I took to calling Fester, for eight years. I was told it would be a quick procedure taking maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. It actually took about an hour. What the doctor cut out was just a bit smaller than a golf ball. He said the cyst was far bigger than he initially […]

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