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Winter, I have been patient. But today is March 30 and it is -13 (celcius) and tonight you will set the temperature at -23. This is unacceptable. I think the next time we meet I’m going to kick you in the balls and then make out with your mom as you watch, helpless, and writhing in pain.

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Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith

I believe everyone now knows that Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling, and I think I may be one of the ten people on the planet who has yet to have read anything by her. The Cuckoo’s Calling is Rowling’s second foray into adult literature, and I was impressed. The plot is nothing terribly unique. A down-and-out private detective, Cormoran Strike, is given the task of investigating the death of supermodel Lula […]

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Nostalgic For . . .

I am nostalgic for the days when I did not have to remember, or have access to, a myriad of account numbers, passwords, key codes, and have to know the name of my first pet, my first job, my first homicide, and a million other bits of minutiae that I’ve been forced to stuff into my addled brain so that I may simply be able to navigate the modern world. […]

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Apologizing May Have Prevented a Bad Day at Work

And by bad day at work I mean that Alison Redford had to resign as Premier of the province just two and a half years after being elected. On Wednesday evening at just after 6 p.m., the Redford descended the steps of the legislature rotunda to a smattering of applause. She gave a brief statement laying out some of the highlights of what her government had accomplished, pausing to take deep breaths to prevent […]

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Oh, Alison

Premier Alison Redford is in the midst of a spectacular crash and burn. Just two short years ago she was elected in what was a surprise because all pollsters predicted that Redford, the leader of the Conservative party, would lose. Danielle Smith, the leader of the Wildrose party (our own small version of the American GOP), was predicted to win in a landslide. The Liberals and NDP were non-entities as per usual. […]

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Sheltering Ghosts

In honour of Remembrance Day I thought I’d repost this bit about family, war, and my gratitude for the veterans who sacrificed so much. “You remember your Uncle Leonard, right?” My father asked. “Oh, yeah,” I replied. “Well, he was in Belgium during the war. He was wounded, shot in the arm. He lay there for six hours before they came and got him. He almost bled to death. His arm was […]

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Double-Decker Fun

Last night was a pretty fun night. I take the bus to and from work, traveling from Edmonton, where I live, to Sherwood Park, where I work. It is about a twenty minute ride and the Sherwood Park transit system is really good. Recently, Sherwood Park had purchased a bunch of double-decker busses and has been running them since December. But I had yet to ride on one. I’d see […]

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Gay Bashing In Russia: How to reason with an animal?

I’d like to think I’m not easily shocked. That there is very little that could disturb me. And I’m not. And there isn’t. But upon watching the documentary Hunting in Russia presented by the CBC’s The Passionate Eye, I was disturbed. Wait, disturbed isn’t really the word. Shocked maybe, sickened, but mostly a feeling of despair had washed over me and the images of the film stayed with long after I stopped watching. That […]

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Tragic but Preventable?

National Post: Two dead, four injured after workplace stabbing ‘rampage’ in Edmonton warehouse. You would think that the temperature in Edmonton this week, which is hovering somewhere around 1000 degrees below zero, would curtail the ambition required to perform a mass killing. But for 29 year-old Jayme Pasieka crazy stops for nothing. Donning body armour and a pair of knives Pasieka stabbed his way to killing two people and […]

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