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I Want to be Luke Skywalker

One of the first movies I saw in a theatre was Star Wars. I can’t imagine a better film to have as my first. At that time lived out in the country, surrounded by woods, rivers, and lakes, and spent a lot of time running wild in dense Ottawa Valley wilderness, so making a trek into the city, Ottawa, was a big deal. I must have been about 10 years old. I had […]

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National Post: Shia LaBeouf handcuffed, removed from Broadway show by police after shouting obscenities, smoking in theatre

National Post: Shia LaBeouf handcuffed, removed from Broadway show by police after shouting obscenities, smoking in theatre. This might be a case of an actor who thinks he’s an artist. If this is a performance, then someone needs to tell Shia LeBeouf  that he’s an actor–the speaker of words created for him, not by him–and not an artist. He’s the canvas, not the artist who creates the portrait. He […]

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An Inside Job

My second year of university, I had to take an introductory psychology class. I didn’t really want to take it but it counted toward a science requirement. One of the challenges for many arts students is finding science courses that are possible for someone like me (who is practically scientifically illiterate) to pass. This course was fairly popular as it was mostly a survey of the history of psychology and the different disciplines, with just a bit […]

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The Edge of Tomorrow

If you like video games, you’ll likely love this movie, but even if you don’t, The Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and directed by Doug Liman, has plenty to offer. It has a terrible title but it’s based a Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, so maybe something got lost in translation. I’m not sure and, really, it’s inconsequential to the quality of this film. The premise is that a military […]

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Why Are You Punching Yourself In the Face?

One of the first jobs I had when I landed in Edmonton was working for an organization that provided services to handicapped adults. This place was a for-profit organization, which meant pay the employees as little as possible and only spend what is absolutely necessary, thus keeping the profit margin high. I cannot emphasize enough how horrible a for-profit system is in this context. It was a miserable experience and […]

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The last time I drove a car was many years ago. My vehicle was a beat-up grey Toyota of some sort with a dent in the side. I was headed out of town and something was wrong with the engine. Not again! Jeeesuuuuus! I pulled over to the side of the road and rested my head against the steering wheel. I was so broke. I was always so broke. This […]

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White, Privileged, and Angry

On Wednesday evening, Justin Bourque killed three RCMP officers, and wounded two others in the small city of Moncton, New Brunswick. He was seen walking down the road dressed like a sad imitation of Rambo, carrying various weapons among which was the high-powered rifle used to kill and wound the police officers. A manhunt ensued and finally he was apprehended on Friday just after midnight. This was a young man, just […]

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