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Leonard Nimoy and the Bangles

I think one of the roles I will most remember Leonard Nimoy for (aside from the usual suspects) is his appearance in the Bangles video “Going Down to Liverpool.” He played the chauffeur, driving the ladies around and giving quizzical looks in the rearview mirror as the band sang in the back seat. This is the only Bangles song and video that I’ve ever liked, and the memory of Leonard […]

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Canadian Pope

Today we are at an Edmonton Oil Kings cancer research fundraiser hockey game. Lots music, skating, dancing, ice, and, most importantly, face punching. I’m not sure if Canadian Pope agrees with the face punching. *Shrug

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Behind the White Coat is one of my favourite blogs. This is the first time I’ve done a reblog and I can’t think of a better post to articulate some of my thoughts and feelings on this issue. Thank you Victo Dolore for sharing this story.

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Grammys: Generic and Saccharine

Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but I found this year’s Grammys bland, sugary, and at times weird. Something that gives me the unpleasant feeling of being ten years old and back in church is artist after artist regurgitating the same few lines/slogans: Be who you are. Be your authentic self. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Dreams can come true. Love is good. Love […]

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The Eagles and Two Sides of a Creative Coin

Over the holidays this year I watched  a documentary on The Eagles. I have a particular fondness for documentaries on musicians and professional wrestlers of the 1970’s and 1980’s. I’m fascinated by their perspective on cultural phenomena that I was witness to as a child but had little insight into. There is something quintessentially American about The Eagles and in particular the boilerplate of Southern California creativity at that time. Don Henley and […]

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Kim Jong-un is a Tubby Tyrant

Possibly the world’s fattest and ugliest dictator, Kim Jong-un is suffering from gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Why? He eats copious amounts of cheese, chain smokes, and drinks himself into a state of being a literal “drunken lord.” And he does all this while people in his country starve. It is astounding to me that this can happen in the modern world. That North Korea can exist in this […]

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