Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

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We lived in the country, surrounded by water and forest. As a family, like any family, we had these brief respites of harmony. Of normalcy. We cross country skied among the evergreens and skated on the river. And we laughed, the four of us, like people who were going to make it. To be just fine. We would walk out into the forest, the four of us, on a Sunday […]

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Ten Cents a Blister

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:
He was the survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. His parents and sisters perished there. I met Robert Walker when I was about eleven years old. I’m not sure if Robert felt sorry for me, genuinely liked me, or thought I needed a break, but he had me home for a weekend. It was a rare opportunity to spend time in the city. Living…

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Red Sled Toboggan Head

I was eight. I woke up to find a red plastic snow sled under the tree, shaped like a boat, with thick white handles on the sides. It was too big to wrap but it might have had a bow on it. I picked it up and placed it over my head and walked around our hovel of an apartment until I could go outside and hit the hill behind our building. […]

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Starting A Cult

I was informed that as of today I have 100 followers. Is this enough to start a cult? I don’t want to jump the gun. If anyone out there has started, and maintained, a successful cult I’d love some feedback. In the meantime I’m going to get busy designing some far out clothing for everyone to wear. And thanks everyone. Now worship me like a god!

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It appears that for most of the blogs I follow, I am unable to post comments. I have tried posting several times on several blogs over the past few days but they are not registering. I can “like” a post but cannot comment. A.D. Martin has said that my recent comment on his post went straight to spam. I contacted Akismet and inquired about this. If anyone has a useful suggestion, […]

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