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The Seneca Scourge

The Seneca Scourge, written by Carrie Rubin, is a medical thriller that was a pleasure to read. I won’t give too much of a synopsis of the book because I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s about a physician named Sidney McKnight, who is battling a deadly strain of influenza and joins forces with a mysterious virologist, Dr. Casper Jones. And that’s about as much as I should say because […]

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Ebony and Ivory

Mike Tyson stopped by Toronto City Hall today to ENDORSE Rob Ford’s candidacy for mayor.     It warms my heart when such different kinds of crazy can come together and give each other a helping hand. And it looks like Ford will be re-elected. Thank you, Toronto. Thank you.  

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I feel bad for people who lived before the advent of skydiving. Without skydiving they would have had no way to demonstrate they are “adventurous” and “living life to the fullest.” And their bucket list would have been diminished. How did people measure the quality of their lives before skydiving? Thank you skydiving for giving the modern world an activity that people want to do before they die. You and […]

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Four Hours of Labour and a Few Complications

The first time I was told that my wisdom teeth would need to come out, I was newly moved to a small windswept prairie town in the heart of Alberta farm country. It was chock full of oilworkers with gun racks in their trucks and senior citizens newly retired and flush with money from selling the farm. It was weird to be surrounded by so much money and yet have so little […]

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