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It’s Good to Be Queen

I normally don’t write about politics, specifically local politics, as many of the people who read this blog don’t live in my neighbourhood, and for the most part local politics is not exactly the most stimulating topic. But due to the rather silly and sad conduct of the former premier of Alberta, Alison Redford, I thought I’d post a little blurb on the latest (and hopefully the last) chapter of this saga. Alison Redford was the premier […]

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Robin Williams, Palestinians, and Proximity

How can anyone possibly spend any time and attention fretting over the death of Robin Williams while children are dying in Palestine? We hear this kind of indictment every time a celebrity dies when children somewhere in the world are suffering and dying. And to a certain extent I understand the reasoning behind the question; everyone understands that the suffering of children should be more important, or at least occupy more space in the collective culture, than the life […]

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Laundry Day

Today must be laundry day because I’m wearing my bathing suit. (My wife claims that it is called a swimsuit and only a hillbilly from the Ottawa Valley would call it a bathing suit. I do not agree.) Everything I own will be clean. And thanks to the modern chemical industry, it will also smell like a mountain meadow.

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American Graffiti

Montana was every cowboy movie he’d ever seen. This was first time he’d been outside the forest of Ontario and he had no idea that space like this existed, with yawning parcels of seemingly infinite land and a sky that was as large as outer space, with a blue so bright it seemed to be shouting. Then the suddenness of the mountains that seemed to appear out of nowhere like a magician’s trick. He […]

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Bear Attack or Self Defense?

Man Attacked by Bear Near Smoky Lake. That was the headline I read yesterday. Wow. That sounds very scary for the man and also for the people who live in the area. But then I read the whole story and found myself once again saying WTF! The bear was minding his business, being a bear, in his home, which is in the woods. And a hunter went to the bear’s home […]

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I have very kindly been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by SouthernGal at Life Is a Damn Circus. This was a pleasant surprise and I would like to say thank you. Rules for Nomination: Nominated blogger must link back to the person who nominated them. List rules of nomination. Upload award pic as featured image. List 7 random but awesome facts about yourself. Choose an unspecified number of blogs […]

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I Am Ready Ebola

There is something so spectacularly indulgent about going to the mall with a friend, eating my weight in A+W, and then seing Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Stomach gluttony and eye gluttony. But, when ebola gets here and wipes most of out, I will pass away relatively content. Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Excellent. A+W: I am sad that you no longer feed your cattle steroids. I don’t feel nearly as strong […]

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