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Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 3

Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 1 and Part 2

Upon reflection, I’ve realized that this story simply isn’t worthy of a whole post, but I painted myself into a corner by saying there’d be a Part 3. So feel free to hit the “Like” button, skip the post, and get on with your life. Unless you need a cure for insomnia–then by all means, read away!


Upon my fourth visit to Sattva,  I discovered that my yoga mat was missing. The change room is a fairly open space with a tasteful wooden cupboard stacked  in the corner. I searched but couldn’t find my mat. I checked and then checked again. I was perplexed and decided to ask at the reception desk for some assistance. And they were beyond helpful.

I did say that it’s entirely possible that I’m looking right at the mat but not seeing it (I am a man, after all), but this wasn’t the case. The staff looked in the women’s change room; they checked the men’s change room. Even a couple of other students were being helpful and suggesting where the mat may have disappeared.

By this time class was about to start so they lent me a mat and the staff said they’d keep an eye out. After class the woman at the reception desk said the mat hadn’t turned up, but if it didn’t they’d replace it. And then I felt bad because it wasn’t the studio’s fault, and if they were made responsible for every item in the change room they could end up eating a fair bit of profit. The staff assured me that this had never happened before. “This never happens” was the exact quote.

Happy ending: Later that afternoon the studio called to say that the mat had been found. It was in amongst the teachers’ mats. I thanked them for all their assistance and told them how much I appreciated that they called me.

I was pleasantly surprised with how calm and relaxed I was through this situation. It was a minor blip and I was able to react to it as such. I made no mountain from this mole hill, and that’s progress. It’s a tiny step but it is a step, an I’m looking forward to seeing where all these tiny steps lead.

If you’ve reached the end of this post and are still conscious, I congratulate you. ‘Cause this, my friends, was as dull as dogshit.


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  1. LOL Not dull as dogshit, and you know sometimes dogshit is quite piquant, lol, so we’ll say this was not your most entertaining post but better than many I’ve read on my travels through the blogosphere!
    I’m glad you’re reaping the benefits, John 🙂

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  2. How can you say dull. This post was full of mystery and intrigue, I mean an item went missing and an all out search was undertaken to hunt for the item. Don’t they make award winning TV from topics like this? 😉

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  3. You say “dull,” but I say “story of that time when the sacred item of the Callaghanite cult was almost lost.”

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  4. Hahaha, I don’t think your last sentence was nearly as zen as the rest of the post. Or maybe it was zen in its honesty. But either way, your post was not dull. 🙂

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  5. it’s hilarious you tagged “boring” on your post–don’t think that’s a quality we’re supposed to draw attention to in regards to our writing. if it is, then I’ve been neglectful

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  6. Zzzzzzzz….. *snort* Huh?!??!? What’d I miss?

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  7. No, not dull. That is the reality I’m beginning to believe in of things like yoga and meditation and trying to calm your thoughts. It may actually work and create a profound change in you. Or me. It’s worth a try, don’t you think? OK. I’m going to yoga this weekend.

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  8. You, your writing, never dull. Besides, the real intrigue here was if somebody had stolen something in this tranquil sanctuary you’ve found. (Glad they didn’t.)

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  9. Okay here goes.
    1. I was laughing as soon as you said you had set yourself up with a 3-parter.
    2. Picturing you looking all over the place had me smiling, was not dull, and was well-written.
    3. I was SURE you were going to say it was in your car.

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  10. Your reaction was perfect, but may be it was a test ? 😉

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  11. lol your writing is never dull! I think it’s an excellent sign to your yoga practice if your mat is being mistaken for a teachers!

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  12. Not dull… I was at the edge of my seat waiting for you to whip out a punchline at the end.
    I guess I like how you started your post. There’s no surprises… but still. Anything you write can’t be dull… it’s been entertaining so far and I’m looking forward to more witty, crazy, interesting stuff from you.

    ❤ BP

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  13. Reblogged this on Belle Papillon 24/7 and commented:
    This is the 3rd and last part of his yoga trilogy. He warns his readers that it’s dull… it’s anything but…
    anyway, you be the judge. I still enjoyed reading it.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ his writing style.

    ❤ BP

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  1. Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 3 – Belle Papillon 24/7

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