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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Fun Shamers and Grief Shamers

I became familiar with this breed of person really just this year when the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs for the first time in a bazillion years. The country celebrated and people were happy. And then the fun shamers came out of the woodwork to complain: How dare they celebrate celebrate and be happy when there are ____________________in the world? Anything from famine in Africa, to the perceived disproportionate media coverage, to war somewhere, to the kittens who lost their goddamn mittens. The overriding sentiment is this: If you’re celebrating something and I feel it’s  frivolous and shallow, then you’re not only morally inferior, you’re a monster. You should have your children taken away and be sterilized to ensure that your reproductive system that is the monster factory makes no more beasties.

Joey Bats doing his bat thing.

Joey Bats doing his bat thing.


The perpetually indignant will comb the internet for obscure tragedies to exploit for their own benefit by bringing to our attention the ways in which we are culpable for creating a shitty world by not having spent time and energy educating ourselves on the merits of, say, mosquito netting to combat malaria in certain parts of Africa. I’m an ignorant moron because I enjoy watching a grown man hit a ball with a stick. The act of fun shaming is of course self serving in that it helps to reinforce a person’s view that the world is horrible and justifies why they feel so sour, while at the same time giving them a smug satisfaction at being morally superior.

I find this behaviour also extends to anyone who feels grief over any tragedy that the perpetually indignant do not deem worthy.

You better be sad you little asshole!

You better be sad, you little asshole!

So I think the next time I see a kid celebrate his birthday, I’m going to aggressively question the parents. Don’t you realize that somewhere in a forest in Russia a trapper has lost his leg in a bear trap and no one even cares? That’s what we should be focusing on. If  you had the semblance of soul, you’d have sent little Johnny’s birthday cake to the family of this legless trapper but instead you sit here, soft and spoiled, a pair of first-world douche bags. You’re horrible people and I hope you get shingles. And then I will surf all the way home on a wave of superiority and indignation. Go me!

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  1. i like this.

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  2. If we didn’t allow ourselves to enjoy the small, happy pleasures in life, we’d never survive in this difficult world. Those are the moments that allow us to face the tragedies, whether our own or somebody else’s.

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  3. I think we all know people who like to pontificate about world disasters! Moments of joy are so fleeting that they need to be celebrated!

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  4. I also enjoy watching a grown man hit a ball with a stick. Is that so wrong ? Even if it’s the Phillies ? 😁

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  5. I’ve never heard it put this way, but 2015 was full of this stuff. I saw it many times over with Cecil the lion. Yeah, that’s a tragedy, but… (Fill in the blank with your soapbox issue of the day)

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  6. Omagoodness, John, I almost fell in love with this piece! I call them “The Cause People.” They are incredibly annoying and I lose my temper at them. Ugh!
    *flips off all The Cause People with both hands* and yells at them, “NO ONE LIKES YOU!”

    I’m such a bully. 😛

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  7. Of course, they are not entirely wrong though, are they? Yes, they may generally be smug arrogant assholes, but I think a salient point is there which we should keep in mind as we live our first world lives. Quite simply, is it morally justifiable to spend hundreds of dollars on TV subscriptions, or whatever else, when that same money could have been used to preserve human lives? On it’s face, it seems as if we are deeming our luxuries more valuable than the lives of those who die of starvation which we could have prevented.

    I’m trying to briefly summarize Peter Singer’s argument in his essay “The Life You Can Save”.

    Let’s not give up baseball, but perhaps we can purchase fewer memorabilia, only the cheap tickets, or do anything that would make the game less of a money attractor. I fully agree with you that a life focused on the world’s suffering is no fit life, but I’m very anxious about attitudes which treat the world’s excess and its poverty as two separate issues.

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    • You make some really good points here. And for the most part I agree with you. My problem is with the either/or falacy. The insinuation being if you are in line for the Star Wars movie then you don’t give a shot about famine in Africa.
      The other aspect that I find disturbing is that there is a judgement being made based on little information. So, yes, I watch baseball and sometimes I’ll buy an overpriced t-shirt or Jersey but, I have dedicated my life to working with handicapped adults. I contribute to my community in a meaningful way, yet, based on some of my leisure activities the fun shamers would dismiss me as a callous neanderthal. It’s annoying. But you are right in that we, in the first world, do live lives of excess, but I don’t really need someone to point out every time I enjoy a movie or a ball game.

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  8. Great post. Made me immediately think of the absurd things shamer-people put on Facebook. If you didn’t cheer on the blue jays you’d be unpatriotic. If you did you’d be frivolous.

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  9. Nice! And the beauty of being human is…we are all morons. 🙂

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  10. “If you had the semblance of a soul …” Pshaw, who has time for that?

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  11. And here I am writing blogs, inserting the hash tag #beautyamidthechaos, thinking that life isn’t all that bad if we find a little beauty in this mass of chaos to keep us all from going bonkers! Shame on me!

    Now off I go to think about my insensitive behavior. Thanks for setting us straight!

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  12. 😁


  13. Little Man is having his birthday party at the bowling alley next month. Please show up in protest of him having fun rolling balls.

    Great post, btw. It drives me nuts when people shit on you enjoying something or minimize your experience because of XYZ.

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  14. being smug and self righteous is so rewarding!

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  15. Don’t you realize the last dodo lost his feathers for Trump’s toupee!? DON’T YOU!?

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  16. Ha, ha, ha, and yes, yes, yes! Worse, people feel obligated to manufacture bad feelings (about events, whether personal or “out in the world”) to which I say, not to worry, your turn is coming if it hasn’t already. I mean we need to LOOK for things to feel bad about?!? Not hardly.

    Dr Christiane Northrup says we’re not hired-wired to take in, absorb and process every tragic event in the world. Or words to that effect.

    My small local newspaper just advertised a group starting, based on a book, to help people get past their “despair and fear” over the climate crisis. There’s something messed up in that.

    And– if I can find ways to have a little fun and enjoy myself, I figure if I’m not hurting anybody, why not? My suffering & angsting in and of itself will not solve any world problems or get anybody’s leg out of a trap or overthrow a dictator or put the kibosh on terrorism or eliminate poverty.

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  17. I really like this post, but it makes me sad that people have to write obvious things because the world is such a mad place.

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