Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Double-Decker Fun

Last night was a pretty fun night. I take the bus to and from work, traveling from Edmonton, where I live, to Sherwood Park, where I work. It is about a twenty minute ride and the Sherwood Park transit system is really good. Recently, Sherwood Park had purchased a bunch of double-decker busses and has been running them since December. But I had yet to ride on one. I’d see […]

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Gay Bashing In Russia: How to reason with an animal?

I’d like to think I’m not easily shocked. That there is very little that could disturb me. And I’m not. And there isn’t. But upon watching the documentary Hunting in Russia presented by the CBC’s The Passionate Eye, I was disturbed. Wait, disturbed isn’t really the word. Shocked maybe, sickened, but mostly a feeling of despair had washed over me and the images of the film stayed with long after I stopped watching. That […]

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Tragic but Preventable?

National Post: Two dead, four injured after workplace stabbing ‘rampage’ in Edmonton warehouse. You would think that the temperature in Edmonton this week, which is hovering somewhere around 1000 degrees below zero, would curtail the ambition required to perform a mass killing. But for 29 year-old Jayme Pasieka crazy stops for nothing. Donning body armour and a pair of knives Pasieka stabbed his way to killing two people and […]

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I Have A Cold

Is there anything quite so tragic as a man with a cold? I almost never get a cold because, like Charlie Sheen, I have tiger blood. And my father was a warlock. No not really, that last part was wishful thinking I suppose. But I do have a cold.

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The Amazing Race, Survivor, and The Crying Games

The Amazing Race kicked off its All-Star season this week and the new season of Survivor is just around the corner. These are two reality shows I watch with a fair bit of regularity, primarily because I enjoy watching people do things rather than watch people acting like just-released convicts that won some sort of meth lottery. Although I must admit Survivor does have its fair share of devious behaviour, […]

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Lemmy isn’t a Nazi, he just plays one on T.V.

I recently watched a documentary on Lemmy from Motorhead on Netflix and it was pretty good. Some things about Lemmy that surprised me: He has a penchant for denim cut off short shorts. He is in his sixties and drinks alcoholically, regularly uses speed, and appears to chain smoke. Yet he seems to be in fine health, looks pretty good for his age, and by all reports has never been […]

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